Monday, March 26, 2007

practice thainglish

today we go with alo and da in rayong. rayong is little city near pattaya. i see so many beautiful trees and mountains. before we come back we eat pizza and go look in stores. i buy me little bag for money. that bag have picture of beautiful boys. now me back in pattaya. i think i go walking street soon. but tomorrow morning i go beauty salon with da. i want me new haircut and manicure. yesterday we go bluesfactory. very good. and i play pool with boy that work in pool bar. he play so good. i think he so small and play no good. but he play very good. in toilet i have lady come to me with baby inside. she say me suai. suai mean beautiful in thai.

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  1. on sinuga ikka kõik korras
    ole pai kirjuta ikka iga päev kasvõi paar rida