mh, mingi värk

You Are Catwoman

"Life's a bitch. Now so am I."

You're a Part Time Maneater

While you're not a black widow, you've definitely left a few guys feeling used and abused.

You're only out for fun, but sometimes you get a little carried away with your flirting.

Cute guys tend to make you lose control. You really can't help it!

You're a good girl at heart... you just can't help but let your bad girl side out sometimes!


  1. Sellesmõttes, et miks minu tulemuseks Buffy tuli...tahaks selle peale "Mida vittu?" ütelda, aga mulle ei meeldi ropendada.

  2. häh. ma just sihtisin, et äkki tuleb mulle buffy.

    vedas, et sa ei ropendanud. see oleks küll kohatu olnud.


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